Boy Between Worlds: The Novice Collector

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This is the second book of the series, however, it is easy to catch up and understand the plot, even if the reader haven’t read the first book (but I would recommend reading the book one first. I might do that now lol).

A historical action adventure very relatable to middle graders. Max’s struggles, teen insecurities and anxieties, family conflicts and first love.

We follow Max Mead, a 13 years old boy, in his adventures and challenges. When his parents decide to move from Egypt, Max manage to convince them to allow him to stay with his grandfather. Along with his friends Youssef and Kiki, they will try to stop the actions of the antiquities’ thieves.

As any typical teenager, Max questions his abilities, his self conscious and uncertain of how to deal with new feelings. He resents his father for keeping secrets and is a little jealous of all the attentions his sister – a fencing champion- receives. During this journey, Max will learn many things, especially about himself and what he is capable. What his path might be.

The story has good rhythm and is engaging. Characters are well developed and interesting. A very enjoyable read.


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Cynthia C. Huijgens writes for children of all ages, including children’s picture books. She holds a BA in Art and Design, Masters in Education, and is a certified K-12 Art Teacher. Cynthia graduated from Simon Fraser University’s The Writer’s Studio.

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